Mind moves people and therefore taking care of psyche is necessary

Tuomas Grönman Ltd, founded in 2010, is sports psychology agency whose mission is to promote Finnish sports coaching and psychological expertise in sports. Our company is founded by a former NHL and Olympic ice hockey player, psychologist Tuomas Grönman. Our head office is located in Turku but we are operating all over the country.

On the early stages our operations were focused on guidance and coaching of the individual hockey players and coaches. Over the years, our operations have expanded to sport associations and hockey clubs. In addition, as sports psychologist service provider for the Turku Region Sports Academy, we have become familiar with number of different sports, among others, tennis, soccer, figure skating, swimming, track and field and wrestling. While every sport has its own characteristics, we see people as human beings and the psychological phenomena common to all athletes.

Our customers range from top-level athletes to the future promises in different sports. In addition to working with sports federations and organizations, we operate as trainers and consultants for coaches at all levels.

Our work is guided by philosophy of holistic development. We have a strong undestanding that the athlete's development involves a number of different steps. Supporting and coaching an athlete while she or he is taking these steps is a wise move. For us, sports psychology and mental training is therefore not only methods and skills learning. We see that for an athlete, coach or team manager the management of the demanding life is perhaps the most important factor on the road to success and that is done by support and coaching.



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